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Web Development

Website designing

The first impression is always the best impression. Your website makes the first impression of yours on the client and has a good impact on taking a further step with you. Therefore, it has to be created with pretty much care. A well-designed website is one which is user-friendly, has attractive visuals, engaging, and attention-grabbing content, clear call to action, mobile-friendly etc.

If you have a plan, we give life to your plan. If you do not have one, our team of expert designers will first go through your business, your needs and targeted audiences, and then start with the designing process from scratch taking your opinions and suggestions. After all, it is your website.

Our verticals of web design services include but not limited to responsive web design, E-commerce website design, and website redesign. Our creative designs are such that to increase the ROI and Brand Awareness.

We always say, “Dream big without hesitation, our work is to fulfil your dream.”

Web App Development

Got a requirement? We have got solutions

Whether you are a small company, medium or large company, whether you are a startup or enterprise, we have a tailored solution for you. The whole process of web application development goes in multiple stages. Every stage has to be done with a great level of skill and precision.

Front-End Development

A well-made website would reflect your business exactly.

Our front-end web development team are well-trained to absorbs your requirements clearly and then create a visually rich and engaging interface crafting your thought. At KKEYDOS, the specialized team delivers a great user experience by bridging the appearance and functionality of the application. Our team takes special care in creating a front-end that integrates perfectly with the external technologies and web services. Our team updates constantly with the latest trends and uses the tools and techniques to provide the top-notch output.

Java, .net or PHP whichever technology you need, we have a team ready to build your website with stunning effects and animations which do not compromise with the performance.

Back-End Development

Do not judge a book by its cover; similarly, do not judge an application by its design and looks.

You can have a stunning webpage, but if the application doesn’t work properly, then the whole thing will end up being a mess. The back-end of your website is responsible for things such as database interactions, calculations and performance. Therefore, it has to be worked out by the professionals and highly experienced, who could give you the functionality you desired. A well-developed site should have a solid architecture keeping future in mind, flexibility to integrate with external systems and high security to protect the data. This could be possible only with a company good in all these stages and is one of the best web development companies.

Testing - Manual and Automated QA

Wait.! The game is not over yet.

Though development is the primary stage and of prime importance, testing is all that is needed to check its functionality. From the initial day of development, our QA experts will keep testing the application for best results and make sure the software runs seamlessly in all browsers. The specialized team keeps finding as many bugs as possible to fix, so that it won’t become a hectic later.

Being one of the best web application development companies, at KKEYDOS, our much-coveted team can deliver an extensive array of web applications to any type of industry. We first develop a plan and go with a clear strategy tailored to your needs. Without bugs, fails or any clumsy code, our team uses the best website development strategy to deliver the best output possible.

Let us provide you with software development services and be your service providing partner.

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